Quality Policy ISO 9001

The hotel EMIRATES ΑΕ "Royalty Hotel Athens" is fully aware of the role of service quality.

The policy of the hotel is to create trust with the customer and the ability to meet their demands. The hotel commits to satisfying customer requirements, enhancing their satisfaction, and complying with legislative and regulatory requirements.

The hotel's scope of services includes:

  • • Hotel unit services,
  • • Mass catering services provided within the hotel,
  • • Beautification services, nail care (manicure - pedicure), and retail sale of beauty preparations provided by a health interest store within the hotel.

The basic principles that make up the quality of services are:

  • • Τηε complete procedures for planning, controlling, and monitoring each project with the goal of covering quality, time, and cost plans.
  • • All operations are carried out by approved associates after evaluation.

To achieve the above:

  • • A Quality Management System according to ELOT EN ISO 9001:2015 has been developed and applied,
  • • We continuously review and improve the characteristics of our services, where possible, as well as the effectiveness of our Processes and, by extension, the entire Quality Management System,
  • • We set measurable quality objectives at the corporate level, operational level, and regarding our services. These objectives are established and evaluated for their degree of achievement within the framework of the Quality Management System Review by the Management, taking into account the threats and opportunities identified by the business,
  • • We provide all necessary resources to ensure the smooth, efficient, and effective operation of our organization,
  • • We invest in continuous training, information, and education of our staff to promote the quality of our activities,
  • • We monitor, measure, and evaluate critical parameters and Processes to ensure Quality.

We set Quality goals, the achievement of which we review on an annual basis, through the Review Process of the System by the Management. The framework of goals involves reducing complaints, increasing scientific training, and reducing non-compliances in relation to internal management.

The company's continuous effort for the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System is a primary concern and philosophy of every employee, as well as building the same philosophy in our contractors/associates. Adopting the principle of continuous improvement, ROYALTY HOTEL ATHENS recognizes and rewards team work, as well as individual effort, invests in people, and respects the customer.